• Posted: March 26 2014
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Another Adoring Fan

We received this wonderful letter this week:

Dear Adoriwear,

When preparing for my breast augmentation I came across your website through google. I loved the styles of surgical bras and the website so I thought I would take a leap of faith and buy a post op bra.

I have never had a surgery like this before and I had many concerns about the process and the "end product" so to speak.

The Surgeon recommended that I get an XXL size prior to surgery. My surgery was out of the country so you can imagine the anxiety I was having.

In the end the XXL was far too large and Adoriwear offered to send me (within 24hours) a smaller size. Sure enough it arrived at my hotel and to my surprise they sent two sizes for me to try and a return envelope for the ones that did not fit!

It's the little things that matter at a time like this. I am so grateful for the phenomenal service and I am in love with the post op bra (I wear it 24 hours a day).

Thank you SO much!


The Young Survivors

Women under 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer everyday. Women who haven't gotten married, haven't had children, some who haven't even graduated college. Cancer for this demographic poses so many different challenges than cancer for older women does.

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Bring on the Bows

Society is constantly proclaiming how women are just as beautiful and feminine after breast cancer. We chant slogans like 'I'm too sexy for my hair' and 'I pink I can'. Why, then, are we making them wear undergarments from the eighteenth century?

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  • Posted: Sept 15 2012
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The AdoriBra helped me get through my mastectomy recovery while still feeling beautiful and comfortable.

  • Posted: Sept 02 2012
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I Love Boobies Campaign

For those of you that are not aware, there is an an amazing organization called the Keep a Breast Foundation. They are a youth focused non-profit group. They are known for their unique, art driven campaigns. One of their most popular campaigns is called 'I Love Boobies'. To find more information, visit keep-a-breast.org.

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  • Posted: Aug 20 2012
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I have never had surgery but I thought they were so cute, I bought one to wear to the gym. It has been great for yoga and hiking.